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Saturday, 26 May 2018
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Written by Fred   
Friday, 03 October 2008

This article shows how to re-use an ATX power supply.
CAUTION : As an ATX power supply is plugged on the AC power please make any manipulation with an extreme care.

An ATX power supply can be a great tool for the electronics hobbyist. Indeed, such a power supply has the following advantages :
  • It's cheap compared to professional power supplies. Especially if you take it out of an old PC.
  • It provides symetrical tensions such as +/-12 V and +/-5V and also +3.3V.

 Here follows the pinouts of the ATX power supply :

13.3V Orange+3.3 VDC
23.3V Orange+3.3 VDC
3COM BlackGround
45V Red+5 VDC
5COM BlackGround
65V Red+5 VDC
7COM BlackGround
8PWR_OK GrayPower Ok (is a status signal generated by the power supply to notify the computer that the DC operating voltages are within the ranges required for proper computer operation)
95VSB Purple+5 VDC Standby Voltage (max 10mA)
1012V Yellow+12 VDC
113.3V Orange+3.3 VDC
12-12V Blue-12 VDC
13COM BlackGround
14/PS_ON GreenPower Supply On (active low). Short this pin to GND to switch power supply ON, disconnect from GND to switch OFF.
15COM BlackGround
16COM BlackGround
17COM BlackGround
18-5V White-5 VDC
195V Red+5 VDC
205V Red+5 VDC

This table was taken from the really good website : http://pinouts.ru.

How to use it ?

In order to be able to use all the voltages supplied by the ATX power you have to put the green wire (number 14 /PS_ON) to the ground (named GND and black in the table above). In order to stop the power supply, just disconnect the green wire (#14) from the ground to leave it up.
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