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Saturday, 12 June 2004

Hello and welcome on my personnal homepage. My name is Fred Saccoccio and I'm a software development engineer. Here is my own digital space and you'll find ... what I'll put online !!

More seriously, I intend to put online what I developped on my own and useful informations that I recurrently need. The goal of this website is have a backup of my personnal projects and an access of the information it contains by a simple Web Browser. As a result you will find :

  • Some programs with their source code
  • Some computer things related tutorials
  • Useful informations (at leat for me and hopefully for you)

Feel free to download any source code you may find. If you find bugs, just correct them ;-)... or send me an e-mail: frederic.saccoccio[at]yahoo.fr

At the moment, I'm a Software Engineer employee of the  Hub One logo company. For more details about my professional skills you can go to my LinkedIn profile by clicking on the button below:

View Fred Saccoccio's profile on LinkedIn

If you want to know what I look like, please check HERE to see an approximation of me some years ago.

A last thing, for the ones of you that wonder why I chose to express myself in english rather than in french (my native language) the answer is that I want to have the most large audience on the Web.

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IR remote control
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Thursday, 16 October 2008
ImageHow to exchange data between a recycled TV/VCR IR remote control and your PC...
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